VR Online furniture store Demo

This is an VR IOS APP for furniture store to sale their products. I am using json file to load the data in the the APP. Because most of online sotre provide json file as their API. We put those furniture around a living room. Let users have immersive experience. In this experience the users can know how big the product are and what it looks like. 

Touch Heart

This is a project for people to feel heart beats and hold a heart. It's a deep project on using haptic feedbcak in virtual reality. The project will evoke an authentic physical feeling of virtual objects through visual feedback, haptic feedback and sound. In order to do so, I will fuse the virtual world to the physical world. 

I am using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion to give people visual output and create a physical installation for mimicking haptic feedback and using a headphone as the sound output. There is a heart in the virtual world. I would like people to touch that heart.  My goal is to give an authentic feeling back to the person.


I participated in a 6 players online virtual reality project, when I was working in Future Colossal. The project is exclusive for NetApp company. their marketing teams are using this virtual reality experience to introduce their server products. 

The experience will be a puzzle room-escaping game. Players by replacing their products to improve the network environment for escaping the room. When players are replacing the server products, the number of value will change on player's HUD, which the HUD is in front of the players. Once they reach the target goal., the puzzle will be solved. The second and third will be extremely hard. Base on the number of players, those bars display on HUD will be broken. So players have to communicate with each and share information to solve the puzzle.

In this project, I am working on all those animations which were done by code and I made all those models and texture as well. I was participating in debugging the networking communicating.

The hardest part of this project is that once the player disconnected from the server, they should be able to reconnect. So we setup a heartbeat system. Each player will send a message to the server every 30 seconds to tell the server that players are still there. Once the server didn't get the message, it will reopen the broadcasting, let the player goes in. 


The game Called "ELEMENT Z." In this game, players were using their hands to fight with zombies. If players straightened both of their hands, they could move forward. If they were slapping or pushing hands, they could fire bullets to attack those zombies. Making the grab gesture is switching bullets. There were two bullets-types. One was fire bullet which dealt with massive damages. The other was Ice bullet which dealt with tiny damage, but it could slow enemies down. 

Technologies: Unity3d, Leap Motion, VR.

Touching The Sphere

I was using a Kinect to do the motion capture. To use an Arduino Yun to send and receive data backing forth with Unity3D. So basically, there was a sphere appearing on the TV screen. Meanwhile, players'  hands also displayed on the screen. When the player touched the ball, the vibration motor gave haptic feedback to the users.  So this project can become the Fruit Ninja. Instead of using fingers and touch screen, people can do body movement and use a katana. This game can be placed in Arcade. 


This game called Haunted and made by Yunqi Zhou and Luobin Wang. It' s major studio two project. 

Haunt is a Multiplayer game (two players) that is portrayed and played in multiple dimension space. Player one uses Xbox360 to control a ghost in virtual space. The goal of the ghost is to trigger all the objects in a room. Simultaneously this happens in the real physical space where the player two is. Player two will try to capture the ghost using a camera which is made by Arduino. By adding Arduino into game design and using SpaceBrew, both are connected with Unity, it increases interactions in the game.


Experience an emotional journey chronicling the fallout of a family crumbling apart as you try to piece together the origin of the crisis. All from the perspective of the most overlooked member of the family, a dog. This project was made, when I was in Phosphene Design. I am working on coding, rendering and texturing in this project. We were using virtual reality experience to talk about a deep story from a dog's aspect.

Ninja Fight

This is a group project in game design class. It's made by Hanyang Jiang, Scott Pu, Geyao Zhang, Yunqi Zhou. Mainly in this project, I was working on coding section. 

The goal of our project is to create a top-down view 3D “capture the flag” game with combat elements and a light-hearted theme. “Stupendous Ninja Night” is a game where two teams of ninjas are fighting to obtain a magical scroll for their clan in order to bring an end to the ninja war.  Once on the battlefield, they are able to utilize powerful weapons with unique abilities to vanquish any opposing ninjas standing between them and their objective.

For ranged, we have the shuriken and the grappling hook (kusari-gama). The shuriken is intended as a high risk high reward execute weapon used to finish off a wounded foe attempting to make off with the scroll. It is a high damage skill shot with a relatively long cooldown where the player will need to aim at the enemy in order to score a hit. The grappling hook works in a similar manner, however, it deals low damage in return for high utility. It is able to pull players hit by it to the player using it, thus changing the pace of battle. For melee, we have the katana and the punch. Katana deals medium damage with a medium cooldown while giving a slight speed boost. Punch deals low damage with a very low cooldown as the default method of damage.