This is Yunqi Zhou, Graduated from MFA Design and Technology at Parsons. With over six years of experience in interaction design and game development, including a solid background in 3D animation.

I used to work as a designer for HUAWEI in China, a leading global information and communications technology solutions provider. I demonstrated the ability to work in tight deadline based projects and had been trained with a responsibility of being detailed and communicating effectively among different departments.

Furthermore, I have been working on several VR games and experience and specialized in Unity(c#) game development, including working with Leap Motion, Kinect, Oculus, Mobile APP, OpenFrameWork Project and Physical Computing. I can not only work on modeling, rigging and Animation in MAYA, but also build a website using html, css, JavaScript, and jquery.

My Story

I was close to death when I was born. My mom told me that my leg was the first part out of her body, and the umbilical cord firmly tighten my neck, which I was not able to breathe. Fortunately, my father was a doctor, and he saved my life.  

During my period of high school, I was fall in love with Online game. I love those 2D graphics and 3D characters very much. At the summer vacation, I almost spent all day on playing it, And I wanted to be the one who participated in making the game. So I went to a art institute to move forward. I the college, I was studying in 3D animation program. A solid modelling and texturing skills were built in that period of time. 


After that I experienced one of the most tough and memorable time in my life. It exert a profound influence on me. After that period, I started to love challenging. Because I want to study abroad and I am a native Chinese speaker, I have no idea about English. I started from the single letter and simple words. Through 1 year training, I was capable to study in America. 

Then I get my master degree Design and Technology program at Parsons. In the parsons, I continue my dream, which is to be a game developer. So, mainly I was working on Unity3D and hacking Kinect and physical stuffs. 

Right now, I want to keep dreaming. I am trying to seek a tiny little job in game industry. I wish one day I can work for Blizzard or EA etc.